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Welcome to Noor by
Veintiuna Belleza
A Beacon of Beauty.

Step into a world where age-old Middle Eastern beauty secrets blend effortlessly with today's cosmetic innovations. Created by the brilliant minds of Karishma Raj Soni and Rohit Sharma, Noor is not just a brand — it's a promise. A promise of luxury, quality, and an unmatched beauty experience. From our radiant face products to our captivating lip colors, discover a range designed for everyone. Join us on this journey, as we redefine beauty standards together.
Tailored for the youthful spirits aged between 13 to 35, our collection celebrates the vibrancy of urban life. Revel in our palette of eco-conscious shades, textures, and finishes that not only elevate your beauty but also your values. Each product tells a story of sustainable elegance, curated for those who don't compromise on luxury. We get it, you're digitally savvy—so are we. Engage with our thriving online community, share your transformative Noor looks, and stay on the pulse of makeup innovation. Noor is not just makeup; it's a reflection of the city-slicker's soul, where glamor meets responsibility.


In the heart of Noor by Veintiuna Belleza lies a passion for redefining beauty. We bridge centuries-old Middle Eastern beauty wisdom with today's avant-garde techniques to produce cosmetics that resonate with grace and sustainability. For us, every creation isn't just a product; it's a vow a pledge to uphold integrity, embrace uniqueness, and deliver excellence. With Noor, we don't just enhance beauty, we celebrate it.


Envisioning a world where beauty knows no bounds, Noor by Veintiuna Belleza aspires to be the beacon in the global cosmetics arena by 2030. Rooted deeply in authenticity yet reaching out to modernity, our dream is to adorn every individual with products that echo heritage, champion sustainability, and encapsulate luxury. As we spread our wings, we aim to illuminate the world with our brand ethos, one product at a time.

The driving forces behind Noor by Veintiuna Belleza are the dynamic duo of Karishma Raj Soni, with her profound Bollywood connections and love for the arts, and Rohit Sharma, a seasoned entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio spanning across various countries.

Strategic Partnership

Our brand stands tall and poised for global prominence, backed by the financial and strategic prowess of a renowned private Indian conglomerate.

Distribution & Logistics

Our brand’s reach is amplified by our partnership with Anand and Gaitri Jeswani, based in Dubai, ensuring smooth operations and distribution. Additionally, our collaboration with a leading logistics company guarantees efficient, timely, and expansive delivery capabilities, making our products accessible around the globe.